Thursday, April 24, 2008

Terrible Thursday

What is wrong with the world? I come home from having drinks with my friends to celebrate Shakespeare's birthday (yes, we are weird like that), to find out that Carly Smithson has been booted off American Idol after one of her better performances. Not only that, but Syesha Mercardo, who also rocked the house was in the bottom two. And not, Brooke 'let me start my song again' White or Jason 'I didn't know a cat sang Memory' Castro.

Seriously Jason, you didn't know a cat sang it. Did the fact that the musical is called 'CATS' confuse you? Maybe you should put that bong down and focus a little (not that I know for sure that he partakes of the wacky-tabacky). And Brooke, this is the second time that you've restarted a song during competition. Not good. I have never in 7 seasons of American Idol seen any contestant do that, and repeatedly get away with it!

I fastforwarded through Top Model and Top Chef, watching both in like an hour. Its amazing how much more interesting TM is when you fast forward through Tyra yacking, and cut to the chase during the judge's panel. And Top Chef? I'm getting a little tired of the cheftestants looking down on the challenges. Antonia and Lisa choosing not to use polish sausage when the card they pulled clearly asked for it was ridiculous. They don't like Polish sausage? Tough! Dale and Richard managed to make something tasty out of tofu so what was their problem? Although I wouldn't serve that dish to a vegetarian.

Bad week people. First Starbucks starts labeling the calorie content of their food and now this. Seriously, now that I know the calorie content, I can't order anything anymore, apart from my usual chai latte. Its taken all the fun out of eating the sweets. I didn't need to know that Cinnamon low-fat coffee cake actually has 310 calories, which isn't really that much less than the full-fat stuff.

Oh, and is anyone surprised that Star Jones is getting a divorce? She can join Terry McMillan in the 'I married a gay guy' club (not that I really know that Al Reynolds is gay, but seriously?).

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