Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Holy Granola Batman!

Wow, Marchana, the only woman of color, on The Bachelor has made it to top six contestants on this show, and already the hating has begun (sorry I couldn't find a better picture on the ABC web-site, this is from last week when she got a fat lip playing rugby). The comments have run the gamut to 'he had to pick her or be called racist' to how unattractive some people find her. Here is a quick recap of what happened. Matt, Marchana and Holly had a dinner date at Matt's 'bachelor' pad. There was a rose on the line, one girl was going to have to go home immediately after the date. Can I just say how sucky this whole idea is? I've hated it ever since they started it back during Travis Dork's days.

Anywhoo, Holly is telling Matt exactly what she thinks he wants to hear. Stuff like 'Oh I was just thinking about moving to London before I met you,' and 'I could be happy on a deserted island as long as I was with you.' Seriously, do women really think that a man wants to hear crap like that? No wonder I'm still single. Meanwhile Marchana impressed Matt by actually being mature and telling him that she was there to take a risk on love. The upshot is that Matt kept Marchana and the rest of the girls freaked out because it meant that no one was guaranteed a rose, no matter how well their date or one on one time went.

Of course, next week's previews indicate that Marchana turns into Omarosa and gives her impression of the 'angry black woman,' which means that her days might be numbered. Which would be a shame, because I think that Matt actually likes her and is intrigued by her. While she likes him and wants to get to know him better, she doesn't seem to be giving him any kind of party line. And she hasn't either sung for him, showed off her breasts, done handsprings, or bitten open a tin can. All of which makes her tops in my book.

And I missed my Kristi on Dancing with the Stars because my stupid Time Warner Cable DVR crapped out and I had to reboot which cancelled the taping. So I'm going to have to watch her and Jason Taylor's performances on that little tiny screen on line.



Kwana said...

I was hoping someone would blog on this. I thought Marshana would be a goner last night until I heard Holly's stupid "I'd go to a desert island with you" comments. Matt was not falling for that dumbness. Good for him. I'm glad he kept Marshana. No if only she can keep the jewels out of her hair...
Too bad about next week though.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Yeah, I don't get the whole sari thing either. Unless she's like half-Indian or something. And next week she can't ski, although seriously that kind of isn't fair. Doesn't Matt know, most black people don't ski, I don't care what Stuff Educated Black People like says.