Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Things I don't Understand

How American Idol could be such a snoozefest last night? When Jason Castro, who looks like most of the guys I see busking on the subway in New York, can give one of the better performances with a ukelele, you know there is something wrong with the world. I came home last night after my two salsa classes (this time I wasn't sick from all the spiral turns we did) itching to watch AI on my DVR. And then I turned it on. Seriously the two performers I hate most, Kristi Lee 'I sold my horse to audition for Idol' Cook and Jason Castro sang the best. What the hell happened? I blame the whole inspirational song theme frankly.

And then I turn on GH to find Michael Corinthos Jr. has been shot in the head one month after he accidentally shot his father's girlfriend in the heart and left her for dead. I'm getting a little sick of General Sopranos that Bob Guza has been writing for the past 12 years. From Claudia Zacchara lusting after her half-brother, to an evil psychopath being transformed into the brother of one of the core characters, this show sucks. On a daily basis. Guza claims that he wants to show the fall-out from a life in the mob. How about this, why don't you have Sonny and Jason go to jail for once? Each of them have been shot like 50 times and lived, their wives and girlfriends have been shot and threatened, kidnapped because of the mob. I think we all get it, being the mob sucks.

What happened to Love in the Afternoon? There's no love on GH, just people sneaking around and lying to each other, hiding pregnancies, refusing to have brain tumors removed so that they can see their dead fiancees, casual sex and creepy evil doctors who seem to have a different speciality every day. And they wonder why people read romance!

I don't expect my soaps to reflect reality but I do expect them to at least make some sense and have continuity from one day to the next.

And is wrong that I think less of Andy Baldwin from The Bachelor that he's dating Marla Maples?

When did being a rock star mean that washing your hair was now optional?

How does one actually become an 'accidental' mistress? Does it involve tripping and falling on it? Or not knowing that the guy was married before you slept with him? Or had a girlfriend or was engaged?

Thank god I'm seeing the new Stones film tonight!



Amanda McCabe said...

I haven't watched GH in ages, but last time I did Michael and his siblings had been kidnapped by some blonde psycopath and was presumed dead. There was a big shootout in a church or something. I had to give it up after that. I don't watch soaps to be depressed!

You mean they're still doing that kind of stuff???

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Oh yeah Amanda. Its why I don't really watch the show anymore not even on Soapnet. In the past year, Alan Quartermaine got killed off, then they killed off Georgie Jones and Emily Quartermaine during the whole boring Text Message Killer storyline which went on forever, only to have the killer turn out to be someone everyone thought was dead.